Kit Contents

​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela


6 Books: Your Body Series [6]
   Legs & Feet
   Arms & Hands
2 Board Books:

   This Little Piggy
   Muddle and Match
1 DVD: Magic School Bus: Human Body
I CD: Get Funky and Musical Fun with the Learning Station
1 Manipulative: lnside My Body Apron


1 Book: Mr. McGinty's Monarchs
4 Board Books:
   Look and Learn: Ocean Creatures

   Peek-A-Boo Farm
   I Explore The Zoo
1 DVD set: Really Wild Animals (4 DVD's):
   Farmyard Friends
   Dinosaurs and Other Creature Features
   Awesome Animal Builders
   Far Out Families
1 Manipulative: AnimalAlphabet Learn the ABCs Memory Game [52 cards]

1 CD (on a flash drive): Laurie Berkner's Animal Songs


​1 Book: Day the Crayons Quit
3 Board Books:
   Racing Colors
   Red Bird: Colors, Colors, Everywhere
   Carry and Learn Colors
1 DVD: Colors, Shapes and Counting
1 CD: Get Funky
2 Manipulatives:
   1 Primary Science Color Mixer
   1 Set Color Paddles: 18 paddles

Community Helpers

7 Books:

   Library Day
   My Community: Jobs Series 6 titles
      Mail Carriers
      Police Offers
1 Board Book:
   Firebears: The RescueTeam
1 DVD: Exploring Communities and lts Workers
1 Manipulative: Community Workers Set [12 freestanding figures]


5 Books:

Being the Best Me Series [4 books]
   Be Positive
   Bounce Back
   Feel Confident
   Have Courage
When I Feel Worried
1 CD: Literacy in Motion with the Learning Station
1 Manipulative: 20 Feelings Flashcards


I Book: DanielTries a New Food
6 Paperback Books: Heathly Eating with Myplate Series [6]
   Using MyPlate
1 DVD: Food Fun
1 Manipulative: Healthy Helping: a MyPlate Game

1 CD (on a Flash Drive): Laurie Bernker's Food Songs

Letter Recognition

2 Books:

   ABC Zoo Borns
1 Board Book:
   Halloween ABC
1 DVD: Leap Frog: Letter Factory
1 CD: Singable Songs for Letters and Sounds
1 Manipulative: Letter Construction [60 large pieces & 13 double-sided cards]


6 Books: Manners Series [6]
   Manners With Friends
   Manners With Family
   Manners Out and About
   Manners at School
   Manners at Mealtime
   Body Manners
1 Board Book: Caillou Asks Nicely


Musical lnstruments series 6 books:






1 Board Book: Pete the Cat: Wheels on the Bus

2 DVDs:

   Sing Yourself Silly - Sesame Street

   Arthur's Music Jamboree

1 Manipulative:

   10 piece - Band In A Box

Shaker eggs (set of 10)


1 Book:

    Chicka Chicka 1-2- 3
3 Board Books:
   Guinea Pig Party
   None the Number
   Carry and Learn Numbers
1 DVD: Numbers Ahoy
1 Manipulative: Props for Chicka Chicka 1-2-3
   1 freestanding, fabric tree
   30 numerals to adhere to it


8 Books:

   Planting Seeds
   Plants Feed Me
1 DVD: Plant Life For Children: All About Plant Structure & Growth
1 Manipulative: Plants: Magnetic Science Tin

​Reading Comprehension​

3 Board Books:
   On My Beach
1 CD: Literacy ln Motion
1 Manipulative: Story Starter Picture Cubes [6 cubes]


2 Books:

   Rhyming Dust Bunnies
   The Pout Pout Fish
3 Board Books:
   Five Little Monkeys
   Grandma's Nursery Rhymes: The Itsy Bitsy Spider
1 DVD: Leap Frog: Talking Words Factory
1 CD: Rhyming to Read
1 Manipulative: Readiness Vocabulary Builder Puzzles


6 Books:

   Five Senses Series: 

      I CanTouch

      I CanTaste

      l Can Smell

      I Can See

      I Can Hear

      The Five Senses
2 Board Books:
   Touch and Feel Farm
   Touch and Feel Dinosaur
1 Manipulative: Ruff's House Tactile Teaching Set [22 pieces]
   1 Dog
   1 Doghouse
   20 Bones (10 textures)
   1 Activity guide


7 Books:

   Circle Square Moose
   Shapes Are Fun Series [6 books]:
2 Board Books:
   Red Bird Friends Come in Different Sizes
   Carry and Learn Shapes
1 DVD: Colors, Shapes & Counting
2 Manipulatives: Primary Shapes Template set [5 templates per set]

1 CD (on a Flash Drive): The Learning Station's Preschool Learning Fun


6 Books:

   Transportation series:






2 Board Books:
   Find lt: Things That Go
   Things That Go Vroom
1 DVD: AllAbout Vol.l

1 CD (on a flash drive): Laurie Berkner - Transportation Songs

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