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Heartland Regional Library


Founded on March 16, 2023, the Heartland Regional Library Foundation was created to assist the Heartland Regional Library System with greater capacities in access and accommodation in order for patrons to create and learn for all ages and walks of life. Visions include offering spaces large enough to keep up with the demands of evolving technology and to continue to support life skills for home and work, through providing books, programming, workshops, and activities.


Eldon Branch Move

The City of Eldon has unofficially asked the Heartland Regional Library - Eldon branch to move to another location. "City officials have been working for a year on a possible move of city hall operations to the north end of the community center building currently housing the Eldon library." - The Advertiser  Jan. 12, 2023, page 2A

Heartland Library has investigated many options including purchasing and renovating the current Eldon City Hall building (originally built in 1959), renting other locations, or building a new facility. There have been many things to consider including finding structures solid enough to hold the extreme weight of metal shelving, furniture, books, and other materials. Renovating an old building has its own issues. It would be costly to fix the issues and change it to make it functional as a library. Potential places to rent have asked for monthly payments of $5000.00.  It is of the opinion of the Heartland Library director, Lisa Garro, as well as the majority of Heartland board members, with the costs of renovating an old building or renting another location, it would be best to build its own facility; a facility that can truly give the community the best access and accommodations for living, learning, and creating.

It is the dream to eventually create new spaces at all four branches of Heartland.

Heartland's other branches in Iberia and Vienna are very old and in disrepair. The rented Belle branch is extremely small. All of these branches do not have the space needed to provide our community with the ability to maximize potential knowledge and skills to navigate this country in today's day and age.


Send Donations To:

Heartland Regional Library Foundation

P.O. Box 231

351 Third St.

Vienna, MO 65582

EIN 92-2982673

Let us know which branch you wish to donate to:

  • Belle

  • Eldon

  • Iberia

  • Vienna

  • Split evenly among Maries County branches (Belle & Vienna)

  • Split evenly among Miller County branches (Eldon & Iberia)

  • Split evenly among all four branches of Heartland

This web page is currently under construction. Check back often as we update what is happening with our library facilities and the foundation.

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