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Library Phased Reopening

It makes us very happy to know that so many people want to use the library. We want to do our best to ensure the safety of our patrons and staff as we continue to work during this crisis. Please be patient with us as we take extra precautions with sanitizing and social distancing.  If you feel sick, please stay home. Please follow us on social media and check our website often for updates. 

All branches are currently in phase 3

Heartland Regional Library plans to reopen in phases. Due to the extended social distancing recommendations set by federal and state guidelines, HRLS will abide by the following practices and procedures.


Phase 1: Staff Returns to Work (not yet open to the public and no physical services will be available)

· Library staff will be catching up on circulation, holds, returns, etc.

· Library staff will be preparing the facilities for future, limited reopening.

· Patrons may use this time to gather library materials and return to the book drop.

Phase 2: Curbside Service (no one but staff will be allowed inside our facilities) – Preparing to begin this on May 26th and will continue this method of service for a minimum of two weeks. (Whether we move to the next phase or remain at curbside service depends on the number of Maries and Miller County Covid-19 new cases.)

· Curbside Service will be offered during the normal library hours of operation.

· Patrons must either put on hold items they wish to check out using our online catalog, then call their branch to work it out with staff on when they will be picking them up. Alternately, patrons may call staff and give their list of items they wish to check out over the phone and schedule a time with staff of when they will be picking up the items.

· Staff will prepare items and meet the patron near the door (enforcing 6 ft social distancing) during the prescheduled time. There will be no physical contact.

Phase 3: Library Open to the Public with precautionary measures in place. We will possibly (depending on the number of new Covid-19
cases in Maries and Miller Counties) open on June 8th (Eldon) and June 9th (all other branches).

· Staff will limit the number of people inside the library. Initially, we will start with 10 patrons (plus staff) at a time. This number will
increase/decrease as we monitor new Covid-19 cases in the state/counties.

· Staff will enforce 6 ft social distancing for patrons.

· Staff will encourage patrons to not linger and to get their materials and leave (should be in and out of the library no longer than 30 minutes).

· Patrons must schedule appointments to use the public computers.

· Computer usage will be restricted to essential business only. No gaming, social media, YouTube, etc.

· Computer usage time will be limited to 30 minutes per patron per day.

· Staff will wipe down computer keyboards, mice, and general computer area with sanitizer after each patron use.

· There will be no use of conference rooms or space for meetings.

· All returning items will be wiped down with sanitizer.

· All physical programs are canceled until phase 4. (We are working on virtual programs for children this summer).

Phase 4: Library will open to the public. This will take place when the pandemic is over or a vaccine is available to everyone. All operations will resume normal activities. 

Thanks for your understanding as we navigate through these strange times.

Stay healthy and safe,

Lisa Garro, Director

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