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How Heartland Manages ILLS

1. We receive bags and boxes of books from the curior. 


2. We unbag everything and sort to other branches.

3. In Evergreen, we check in books and either put on holds self, shelve in the stacks, or route to other destination.

Preparing items for courier.

4. Items you will need.


Courier bags and labels.

You can find the link to the labels on MALAs website by clicking on the above link and clicking on the Courier Resources & Tools > Get Connected Courier LABELS - Ver 46 - 7/1/23 (this version will be updated from time to time). 

Misc items such as mailing envelopes that have bubble wrap inside, rubber bands, and other packing supplies. You might also save small boxes for large mailings.

Bagging items for the courier. 


Note: Special care for DVDs and Audiobooks.

How Heartland set up the area to organize items going to other libraries through courier. 

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